Welcome to Christ Church Portsdown
We are a friendly, evangelical, Church of England church who have been serving the Widley, Purbrook and Cosham area on the edge of Portsmouth for over 130 years. Services range from contemporary band-led worship to the occasional prayer book sung evensong, with much in between.


Men’s Golf Day

Date:  Saturday, 9th September Venue:  Southwick Park Golf Club 24 player spots confirmed.  Six tee times, starting from 1:46pm.  As part of the package that has been agreed upon, there will first be a lunch of ham, egg and chips at 12:15pm!  (Arrive at 12:00pm.)  This will give us all a chance to meet and […]

From the Vicarage: A Word from Max

It is good to be with you, are the words I often start a service with.  They are more than just words, they are my heart and encouragement to you.  I pray that as your words of encouragement to me have lifted my spirit, my words will do the same to you.  A few years […]

Mission of the Month: School Pastors

School Pastors is an initiative from the Ascension Trust, which is a Christian-based Charitable Trust, operating a successful national initiative known as Street Pastors since 2003.  School Pastors was set up with the desire to assist schools with pupils who were experiencing difficulties with their school life.  It was established initially through a pilot scheme […]

From the Vicarage: July

This year at Christ Church we have been thinking about how we grow.  We have been helped in this by following a course called Leading Your Church into Growth.  This has helped us to identify three areas where it is important to grow.  We want to grow in our individual spiritual journeys, learning how to […]

Mission of the Month: Mission to Seafarers

Once again, it’s that time of the year when we support the Mission to Seafarers and celebrate Sea Sunday – this year on Sunday 9th July 2017.  As well as raising money to help those who work at sea, the day is celebrated with services, parades and ship blessings all round the world as a […]